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Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa

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About Us

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The academy’s primary goal is to provide elite basketball coaching and skills development to children between the ages of 4 and 19 in a safe, fun and interactive environment. Our program is suitable for boys and girls of all skill levels from absolute beginners to advanced players.

Our programs are designed to teach the basic fundamentals as well as hone the players’ skills. We strive to assist each player in their ability to maximize his/her potential and to take them to the next level. Research has proven that sport is one of the great tools available to teach a child or young adult important life skills which become invaluable in adulthood. Life skills acquired through the academy’s program are self-discipline, determination, focus and team work.

We believe the primary reason kids play sports is to have fun and for social interaction. It is with this understanding that we have structured our program with core values centred on fun, mastering new skills, developing new friendships and healthy competition. We provide affordable, convenient and well-structured programs that can be integrated into normal family life with minimal disruption. We believe it is the experience players and parents have at SBA that leaves a lasting impression..